Eyes Of The World Unbelievable Arya


Born: 17-02-2021

Sire: Sparkling Star Van De Voskesdroom "Spike"

Dam: Border Follies Quite A Surprise "Ruby"

This pretty red lady is Arya. She is Eevee's sister. When I received a message at the end of 2022 that Arya had to leave her owner, we didn't hesitate for a second. Arya lacked a stable basic education. At the moment we are training with Arya to teach her normal daily life.

HD to be tested
ED te be tested

SD to be tested

ECVO: to be tested

Gonioscopy: to be tested

CEA: clear

TNS: clear

BCG (gg): clear

RS/DH: clear

SN: clear

EOD: clear

prcd-PRA: clear

HUU: clear
NCL5: clear
IGS2: clear
DM: clear
MDR1: clear

PLL: clear

Cystinuria type II-A: clear

MC: clear

Color: eered and white 

Color code DNA: ee mm B? D? KBKB atat

Test for social behavior: te be done