Eyes Of The World Set My Heart On Fire


Born: 11-12-2019

Sire: Very Much Like You De Taraway "Dali"

Dam: Border Follies Quite A Surprise "Ruby"

Color: black and white

Carrier: eered and blue 

Colorcode DNA: Ee EmN BB Dd KBKB atat

Lily will be living in a host family with Fien and her family, together with their other border collie Pipa.

She will join our team in the future on dogshows. When all health tests are good she will join my breeding program.

Test for social behavior: to young

Heath tests:

HD to young 
ED to young

ECVO: to be tested

Gonioscopy: to be tested

TNS: clear
NCL5: clear
IGS: clear
CEA: clear
MDR1: clear

SN: clear
GG: clear

RS: clear


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