About me

About me

I'm Zoë Reekmans. My love for the border collie started when I worked as a volunteer in an animal shelter. I fell in love with the breed. The willingness to work and the unconditional love.

I was 19 and I went looking for my first border collie. It had to be and would become an eered male with pedigree. I was determined to find a good breeder. But then Daeva was abandonned at the shelter. She was 4 months old and had already had 4 owners. I saw her face and was sold. So it wasn't an eered male with a pedigree, but it became a black and white female without a pedigree. But I have no regrets about this decision!

I went to the dog school with Daeva to do belgian obedience and so my mom saw us enjoying our work and wanted a Border Collie also.  My search started again for an eered male with a pedigree. This time ticking off more of my wishes. After a while I came home with Kenai, a male with pedigree, but he was chocolate colored.

While we both trained in belgian obedience, I rolled into the show world with Kenai and found out that this is my favorite branch of the dog sport. This is also the reason for the decision that I wanted a 3rd border collie. I went looking for a black and white female who came from show lines from fully tested parents. I found the combination that I dreamed of, but she was far away in Hungary. After much thought, I decided to go for it. Aelynn became the most recent addition to our family.

We live in Sint-Truiden amidst fruit plantations and endless fields. Here we regularly take long walks with the dogs. We are also active in Belgian obedience, flyball and show.

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