Our approach

Our approach

I am a small-scale breeder from Sint-Truiden. Puppies receive a European passport, pedigree from Sint Hubertus and are DNA tested to prove their parentage. All breed specific tests are done with my dogs and examined by the labratory (including those that are not mandatory) .

A litter is preceded by a complete study. For each girl, the ideal partner is selected on appearance, behavior and health. In order to get stable, social, healthy puppies. The father of my puppies does not only come from our kennel, but can also be males from abroad if they are better suited to a particular girl. No journey is too far for the best combination.

The puppies are born and grow up in the living room. The puppies are offered all kinds of different stimuli and devices from a young age to create stable dogs. For example, different surfaces already in the whelping box (grass, vet bed, baskets), different types of toys, but also devices such as balance cushions, a swing, a seesaw and a cube with all kinds of noisy materials. The cats also walk among the puppies from an early age, and they get used to this in no time.

As soon as the weather permits, the puppies will also discover the garden and meet different adult dogs. The puppies go out with the car several times, including a vet visit. When the puppies are 7 weeks old they get their first experience with swimming, we will do a puppy swim with the puppies under professional supervision.

There is a webcam on the puppies 24/7 that the future puppy owners can access to watch. And to be closely involved with the puppies from day 1. Also, a whatsapp group is created each litter with the owners where we can assist each other with tips and fun stories throughout the life of the puppies.

The puppies are assigned at 7 weeks to the owners that suits them the best in terms of character and future plans.

On departure, the puppies receive an extensively filled puppy package with kibble, fresh meat, sweets, snacks, toys, brushes, shampoo etc.